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Isabella Stone


"I owned an adult education company that was only generating about 5k a month in revenue. Josh wrote a sales letter that generated 1.4 million in roughly 3 months and allowed me to sell the company to an investor."

Paulie Z

Rock Guitar Mastery

"Josh's marketing brilliance helped create one of the largest Learn Guitar businesses in the world. The copy he wrote 5 years ago STILL converts to cold traffic. And the way he positioned our up sells tripled the AOV."

Malcolm Robertson

Quit Stop Now

"Not only did Josh recreate our entire up sell and back end funnels to perform more than 5X better than they had previously, But he also helped take our Australian based Quit Smoking supplement, and helped us to sell out in the USA".

Profound Strategy

We start by building a digital blueprint around what makes your business unique, helping you to leverage strengths and discover assets most business owner never realize they own.

Dynamic Marketing

Creating a consumer lifecycle  plan based on your brand and audiences, we drive massive revenue through no-brainer low-ticket offer volume and exceptionally profitable high-ticket goods and services.

Strategic Partnerships

Working with other digital channels like email marketing and affiliate marketing, we build generates strategic partnerships that help you to further monetize your customers and leads.


About Josh Rosenberg

While Josh’s copywriting has generated over $100,000,000 in revenue for companies in over 60 different industries, he does not consider himself to be a copywriter.

Josh is the worlds preeminent Persuasion Engineer because he blueprints and constructs very dynamic and robust profit centers for his clients. 

Utilizing timeless and universal sales psychology, alongside the most modern marketing strategies, Josh utilizes Deep Connection Marketing (DCM) to dramatically increase conversion rates, average order values, and lifetime values for is clients.

Josh is also one of the most sought after copywriting coaches in the world. Having trained over 130 copywriters to grow their businesses to over $1b a year in revenue.


What Is Deep Connection Marketing?

As a business owner you are offering the solution to a customers problem. Understanding what keeps them up at night with worry and pain, is the key to fostering a deep connection and creating die-hard customers for life.

By focusing on internal responses and how your solution can improve multiple areas of their lives, you can build an authentic relationship that results in customers who love buying from you again and again. 

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